Resistance GB is free press media, covering the resistance in London and wider Great Britain – news which the mainstream won’t show you.

Our journalism reports on Natural Rights, Civil Liberties, Police Abuses, Government Criminality, Legacy Media Deception and Civil & Cultural Resistance.

Our philosophy focuses on resisting erosion and abolition of British culture, our Constitution, our Common Law and more. 

We offer footage from the front line, including video reports and livestreams; as well as podcasts, shows, interviews, commentary, analysis, written articles, investigative pieces and original insights.

“This is real journalism” – Brian Gerrish, UK Column
“The British Imperialist Resistance” – Piers Corbyn
“Intellectual Terrorists” – David Clews, UNN
“Loudly ‘anti-mainstream media'” – Mail Online
“Radical” – The Sun
“Press” – Metropolitan Police

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