MSM Deception: A Failure to Conduct Proper Journalism | Events Surrounding Michael Gove

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MSM Deception: A Failure to Conduct Proper Journalism

Events Surrounding Michael Gove MP

25th October 2021 ✦ Willsy & Laura (RGB)

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At the Official Voice protest on the 19th of October, many people spoke out regarding their concerns with coercion of children and the growing apartheid in society.

“This is why we are out today on a Tuesday afternoon giving up our time with our friends and family. Giving up time at work and our wages so we can come out and bring the information from the people to the people… because the likes of ITV and the likes of Sky, the likes of BBC, will not interact with us.” – protester

Previous protests have used nonviolent disruption to target buildings…

“We are here today upholding the inalienable human rights of every single free man, woman and child in the UK. We represent freedom of choice, freedom of travel, freedom of speech…” – protester

 …drawing attention to freedom and safety concerns in a more moderate vein than other protest groups such as Extinction Rebellion.

Despite this, the protests have seen overwhelmingly negative coverage in the mainstream media. The mainstream media coverage of the events of Tuesday presented such huge lies and inaccuracies that they must be analysed and highlighted.

As usual, most MSM coverage likely came from one single report of events, bought on the cheap, and shared almost word-for-word amongst supposedly politically divergent and competing outlets. Mainstream outlets now far more rarely send reporters onto the ground in order to save costs, often buying ready-meal stories-to-go.

The first inaccuracy to note was the counterfactual statement crediting a group called “GB Resistance” with co-organising the protest. Not only does no group of this name exist, but what we guess they mean – our organisation, Resistance GB – is not a protest group and does not organise protests, it reports the news. Even basic due diligence of an internet search would have confirmed this, but it wasn’t done. A complete failure to conduct proper journalism.

Maybe it’s a tactic by MSM outlets in order to see us again targeted by police, or perhaps it’s just incompetence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the only way we can get our voices heard. We have tried stepping to ITV, we have tried stepping to Sky, BBC – they ignore us. They do not want our voices heard, they do not want to debate us on what’s currently happening, because they know they would be found out. Which means millions and millions of people across the country would realise they have been lied to. If you are still living the lie, please stop. Children’s lives are at stake now.” – protester

As seen from the footage, our reporter on the ground becomes aware of Michael Gove and rushes over to question him, asking him about the illegal lockdowns.

“Mr Gove how do you justify the illegal lockdowns that are being pushed on this country?” – Willsy, RGB

The protest, although being pro-freedom and anti-lockdown, was not focused on lockdowns. It was focused on child safety, freedom of choice and opposing apartheid.

“Right across Europe, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, France – they are fighting against their governments on the street, and the BBC ignore this. They want you to believe everything is okay. It’s not. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people against what is happening right now. We are just the brave ones speaking up. Join us. Stop being part of medical tyranny, stop being part of medical division. Because this is what’s happening.” – protester

However, a number of outlets have conflated a public-interest question to a politician with statements made by protesters. This places undue emphasis on something which was not the priority topic for protesters, obscuring the protesters actual messaging.

“If you are for the vaccine passports, then you are for medical discrimination. That’s what it comes down to. And this country – I was born in this country – and we were raised to not discriminate against anybody based on whatever. So why is now okay? Why are we discriminating against people who do not want to be subjected to an injection?” – protester

Elsewhere, the protest was labelled as “anti-vaxx”, a term for people against vaccination. This is a misleading claim. The procedures commonly objected to by protesters are not vaccines. But even if they were, a person expressing scepticism about the efficacy of a specific product would not mean that they are opposed to all products with that name. There exists a diversity of opinion about vaccination within the group: opinions that are largely irrelevant to 19th October protesters’ urgent concerns over the rollout of this one specific piece of technology to children.

“We are not here to cause trouble today. Please let the ambulance through. We are not extinction rebellion. We are here because we are concerned about what the government are now trying to mandate to our children.” – protester

The MSM use this label and make this claim, but fail to substantiate it with any interviews or footage.

“What’s the number one thing that you’re concerned about?” 

“The children. The children. My kids. My kids, your kids – everyone’s children. I mean that’s where it draws the line, isn’t it? We can all outreach to adults and get called anti-v****ers and god-knows-what, but, when it comes to the children, y’know, that’s where we draw the line.” – protester

“The media do not want to interact with us, they do not want to hear our side of what we are saying. They want to label us crazy, anti-vaxxers, refuseniks, whatever, whatever else they can…” – protester

A complete failure to conduct proper journalism.

In some articles, Mr Gove is described as having been “ambushed”. The definition of ambush is to surprise and attack from a hidden position. Given the volume of the protest at the time and the brazen way the protesters were marching through the middle of the road with dozens of policemen shadowing, it could neither surprise nor be described as “hidden”. The concept of a “hidden” protest defies the point of a protest. This also implies premeditation; despite the fact the protesters had no clue they would bump into Mr Gove whilst marching around Central London.

This paints a brazenly false narrative and is, once more, a complete failure to conduct proper journalism.

Despite the dramatic language used by the MSM, you can see from our footage of Mr Gove’s face that he was not in fear for his life or of any significant harm being done to him… beyond perhaps, the discomfort of potentially having to be held to account.

It’s possible that Mr Gove was intimidated by the prospect of having to speak to the public and account for his crimes, but the representation of the protesters as entirely intimidating to him is fairly disingenuous. Other than the police spilling his coffee and jostling him about, one protester threw a single, partially scrunched leaflet. This seems to be the closest Mr Gove came to any actual harm.

This principle of harm also leads into the questionable framing of the event in relation to the apparent murder of David Amess MP by a Somali man with a knife. Whilst some may highlight that this event could mean some MPs may be concerned for their safety, proportionality should be practiced in the framing. The proper framing of events should not relate the impromptu questioning of Mr. Gove, and shouting of protesters, to the murder without context to the mild nature of the situation in which Mr Gove found himself. It is possible such an event is being leveraged in order to create greater disconnect between MPs and the public, in the same way that Mark Francois MP, in response to the death of David Amess called for more totalitarian censorship.

Whilst not all points we’ve raised are reprehensible failures to conduct journalism, many are and all and are at least questionable. Where events have been misrepresented without confirming the story, this represents a breach of the IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation Editors Code (Clause 1) which states:

“i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information or images, including headlines not supported by the text.”

The IPSO voluntarily regulates Newspapers and Magazines within the UK, and which most MSM newspaper outlets signed up to in order to avoid Government ‘regulation’ some years back, following the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. In the scandal, the MSM hacked the phone of Millie Dowler, a murdered schoolgirl, giving her family hope she was still alive. When this was exposed it tanked the entire newspaper and led to scrutiny over their conduct.

If provided information regarding a correction, IPSO members are bound to correct errors or lose their membership, in line with Clause 1.2:

“ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and — where appropriate — an apology published. In cases involving IPSO, due prominence should be required by the regulator.”

Most MSM newspapers, magazines and online papers are covered by IPSO. If you are concerned about the accuracy of MSM coverage, you can first report it to the outlet itself and request a correction. If this correction is not made, you may report the breach to IPSO if they’re a member. Details are in the description.

Overall, whilst we know that everyone can make errors and people will occasionally report things inaccurately, from the events we’ve covered that the MSM has too, their conduct has been damning; we’ve witnessed an absolute failure to conduct proper journalism. Newspapers aren’t great institutions that send out whole teams of reporters into the field. They’re narrow cliques which push their establishment agenda under the pretensions of being impartial.


Journalism isn’t a joke. It’s the way in which our society communicates information and works out how to make a decision based on it. When journalism breaks down, so does society. What Resistance GB has seen from our narrow glimpse into the MSM is damning. It’s a failure to conduct proper journalism. Now, we may not be perfect, we will make mistakes, but we do endeavour to tell the truth.

You can support us and independent journalists like us by moving to uncensored platforms like Odysee and Telegram, by sharing our content or by donating. Change will only come in media if you make it happen.

(After repeatedly speaking to the Independent, they have issued a correction removing the assertion that a group called “GB Resistance” or similar organised any protest)


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