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26th April 2021 ✦ Willsy (RGB)

We’ve looked into the various reports we’ve been sent referencing the shedding from people who’ve been injected with the mutagen. This is our response to it.

From our understanding, the mutagen itself will not spread unless in extremely close intimate physical contact with a person, such as sexual contact, or significant exposure to human waste. This is unlikely in any person who keeps good company and has partnered themselves with somebody with enough sense not to be injected. 

The shedding itself of COVID isn’t a concern as the human body will fight off the virus. The shedding of spike proteins is a concern as there is evidence that this can impact reproduction; however, this is not permanent, as the proteins cannot replicate themselves like viruses or bacteria (and so will be flushed out of the body fairly promptly). In addition, any proteins picked up would be pretty negligible. Given that people who have been mutated are able to reproduce (albeit less successfully than those who haven’t), the impact of this should also be negligible on those not injected. 

One matter of concern is the potential impact on pheromones for women, who tend to sync their cycles with each other. This may impact some women who aren’t mutated – but again, it is not permanent, and relies on constant input from other people. Women currently trying to get pregnant should continue (as normal) to take precautions to protect themselves and their potential pregnancies, so it is probably wise for those people to isolate themselves from mutated people. 

Therefore, whilst this is a concern, it appears that the only people who are liable to sterilization are people who have chosen to inject themselves with experimental mutagens without any legal recourse for restitution… anybody with a sane mind should be entirely fine. If the impacts exist regarding pheromones, these issues should become apparent and speed the exposure of the vast medical malpractice being witnessed, leading to a Nuremburg trial and resolution of the entire ghastly affair.

More information should become available from reputable sources such as the World Doctor’s Alliance and independent doctors such as Vernon Coleman in the coming months, which should help to pinpoint the scale of any impact, but we’re largely unconcerned with people who’ve not been mutated being negatively impacted, barring women under urgent biological pressure to conceive (due to being in their late thirties). We truly hope that these women are not impacted significantly and sympathise with their concern.

Frankly: whilst people have been misled, it appears that in the long term the only group which should be significantly concerned are people who’ve chosen to inject mutagens into themselves, and brought misery upon their own heads. We very much believe that people are responsible for their own actions. Where people have ignored the plethora of scientific, legal and philosophical reasons for not mutating their DNA, we think that they primarily have themselves to blame. Our focus remains on defending the people who have thought critically and made sensible decisions.

With that said: if you have not chosen to inject yourself, but still have fears for your health, we hope that these words alleviate them. All of us who’ve maintained our bodily integrity should be just fine in the long run regarding any shedding. We believe the foremost concern at the moment remains the ever-more-so totalitarian regime and their increasingly abusive and violent grip on power. Any and all issues with health surrounding this experimental injection will, as they come to light, help bring down this regime.

Continue to strengthen and safeguard your mental, physical and spiritual health. Continue the fight in the information war we are faced with.

 – Willsy

Note: Whilst we have no medical qualifications, we do not claim to and reserve our right to speak freely on medical and all other matters, as is our birthright. Any advice you take is at your own risk. Think critically about everything we say.


Addendum (04.07.21): 

In light of the recent move to make the injections mandatory for care home staff, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to those who have been put under this kind of extreme force and coercion, and felt they had no choice but to submit. However, I want to remind you that you do have a choice. No matter how difficult, nigh impossible, it may seem to stand up to this medical tyranny, you can and you must. It is against your fundamental human rights for anyone to force you to take an experimental injection. It is illegal. It is against the Nuremberg Code. It is medical rape. If faced with the threat of termination, your life, your bodily autonomy and your human soul matters more than your employment. It will be a difficult choice to make – financially, practically and emotionally – but at the close of this nightmare, you will find justice for your suffering.

 – Laura


9 thoughts on “Response to Spike Protein Shedding & Infertility Concerns

  1. Great news, thanks.
    I would like to donate but do not use PayPal, or WhatsApp , Twitter etc. Please
    Kindly supply alternative.

    1. Thank you for your support! We are opening a crypto wallet if that’s something you are interested in – we will let you know.

  2. Spike proteins can also be transferred by perspiration and possibly, aerobically by breath. Anecdotally, my next door neighbour works as manager of a group of care homes and because of employer pressure, succumbed to getting jabbed. A few days later, his non-jabbed partner is now suffering and testing positive for Covid. She is furloughed and had no outside contact; other than with her partner in the previous five days. (I didn’t ask if they had sex). I am concerned for them as they are young and eventually, intend(ed) to have children,

    1. Sex with an injected person may be very dangerous. I do not know for sure (and I expect, at this point in time, neither do doctors or scientists), but if people are getting ill by just working or living around the injected (as they are doing), then exchanging bodily fluids must be much worse. Will it cause permanent harm? I personally would never take the risk. I hope your neighbours will be okay and their fertility has not been drastically affected by the injection. If you are able to, advise them never to take another COVID injection and seek detoxing treatments for spike protein exposure.

    2. You should take 3 cloves of raw garlic chopped up very finely, you leave the garlic for 10 minutes then pour honey over it, you mix this, the swallow it drinking a glass of water afterwards! This could help, with the vax! Once a day for 3 days if still ill repeat!
      I have been into nutrients for over 25 years now!
      I have had covid several time! If you get covid, you need to do this!
      3 grapefruits and 5 lemons peel them put the peel in a pan with a lid, with 2-3 litres of water, simmer this for 2-3 hours, there will not be much liquid left, you need to take 1 tablespoon full morning and night!
      You also take anti inflammatory meds 1 every 6 hours vitamins A,C,D3,E and zinc!
      I had the Delta variant and my son and fiancée to my son drank my turmeric for 2 days before he was ill but he was better within 4-5 days me 8-10 day was better, my fiancée was ill for about 3-4 weeks!
      No taste or smell just wanted to sleep all day I did go shopping, a few times!
      I sat in a seat while I was awake most of the day had a nap after lunch and was back in my chair I did help with cooking meals! My son is 6 my fiancé is 45 I am 64 my immune system is hot really charged up I use turmeric drink it for about 30 dats then a few day off, I reason this is a good thing! I use the leaves to make my drink and I let it cool down!
      Hope this help people!
      I am not a doctor but have saved people’s lives with what I know!

  3. Hi
    Whilst I understand the stance of your concerm for those unvacinated . The article uses the following language
    ‘enough sense not to be injected’
    ‘ anybody with a sane mind should be entirely fine’

    A person reading this may of unfortunatley taken the vaccine for any number of reasons. They may of been given the advice from their Doctor or have been struck with fear created by the main streem media. We also have to remember that not everybody has access to social media and constructive criticism. Many of whom will be of the older generation the more vunrable people of society.

    To sugest many of these people are without sense and a sane mind is not helpfull. It only creates anger and more devision.

    I hope you will share a thought for those less fortunate who read this article when they realise they have made a mistake.

    They will need a hug because calling them names will not bring us together.

    1. I understand what you are saying and agree with you. Will strongly worded parts of this article yet it is very true that there are unfortunate people who do not want the injection but have been forced to have it, or took it innocently because they lacked access to the correct information (I know people personally to whom this has happened and I don’t consider them to be insane). In time, we will need to welcome into the movement many people who were injected under coercion and force or those who made the choice before waking up to the reality of things. It will take an incredible amount of courage and mental strength for these people to admit they made a mistake, and they will be considered very admirable people if they then start fighting to protect others. Mothers with small children come to mind – they may have taken the injection themselves without too much thought… but when faced with having to do the same to their child, now suddenly realise the gravity of the situation.

      However, Will considers people who think illogically and make illogical choices to be acting insane – I would therefore clarify, on Will’s behalf, that he is referring only to those who willingly choose to ignore the information clearly presented to them or are deep under a mind control which they may never break out of. Deep and incessant fear can cause insanity and mental illness. Many of these people are sacrificing themselves gladly, having taken all leave of their senses, unable to process simple information which contradicts the propaganda. It’s a strange education on the nature of humans.
      – Laura

  4. Whatever reason people took the vaccine – it is answered here:

    King James Bible: Proverbs 14:15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

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