Teachers As Terrorists: Scottish Schools Are Being Briefed To Consider Non-Compliants As Extremists

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19th May 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB)

A document has surfaced from Education Scotland and the Scottish Government, briefing school staff and further education providers to consider anyone who does not agree with the COVID narrative to be a dangerous extremist conspiracy theorist.

They claim that “disinformation, misinformation and conspiracy theories” are being spread by people with “financial or political motives” with malicious “intention to mislead”. The document claims that typically, anything that does not agree with the narrative pushed by “governments and official international bodies” is a conspiracy theory.

The brief labels these ‘conspiracy theories’ as “hateful content”, “intolerable messaging” and, incredibly, claim they “attribute blame on minority groups” – a baseless accusation. The brief claims that these views “incite hatred, justify violence and divide communities”, specifically against Jews, Muslims and Chinese people. This is an entirely ridiculous accusation, as the central tenants of those currently fighting for their lives, rights and freedoms are of unity, humanity and love. The freedom rallies and anti-lockdown protests are positive events attended by those of all ages, races and faiths. A desperate attempt is also made to link those who do not agree with the narrative to Daesh/ISIS extremists. ‘Right wing extremism’ is also referred to, claiming that an ultimate aim is a “race war”.

Racist, conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, right-wing, anti-Semite… the writers of the brief have labelled who they would consider to be noncompliant with every witch-hunt term they could reach for, and these wild accusations are supported by absolutely no evidence. The briefing is clearly designed to demonise them from every angle.

Terrifyingly, the briefing note encourages both school staff and pupils to report their teachers and parents to Prevent, a government program purportedly designed to prevent terrorism. The document also encourages re-indoctrination into the mainstream media narrative (ironically referred to as “critical thinking, online safety, and media literacy”) to be added to curriculums.

This is a horrific attack on free exchange of information, and a heavy-handed move to slander and criminalise teachers and parents who are trying to protect their children and students from the abuses of the regime.

The briefing has only one line which is based in any kind of reality – the fact that the ‘pandemic’ has many vulnerable “children and young people feel[ing] isolated, anxious, frustrated, and angry”. This crisis has been caused by lockdowns, school closures, incessant propaganda, fear campaigns, mask mandates, forced social-distancing and isolation, confusion and lies from the government and media and unnecessary testing – to name only a small selection of the abuses. The children who have adults around them who have defied restrictions and educated their children properly are strong, happy and flourishing – one only has to attend a freedom rally to witness the hundreds of joyful and vibrant families, with children that are clearly free from fear and anxiety. It is atrocious that the briefing should dare suggest that vulnerable children, traumatised as they have been by the regime, are at risk from the people trying to rescue and protect them from the horrors they are being submitted to.

The brief refers to uncensored free-speech platforms (presumably video hosting sites such as BitChute, BrandNewTube or Odysee) as “lesser-known, unregulated platforms”, as if newly established sites that are not under the control of governments or international organisations are not to be trusted. It ends by listing the BBC as a useful and trusted resource.

The actions proposed by the briefing, encouraging staff to report their colleagues and children to report their teachers and parents, may result in parents and teachers being raided, falsely arrested and convicted for terrorism if they are teaching their child to not live in fear, critically think about what they are being asked to think and do, and decline experimental and unnecessary injections. This could result in children being taken away from their loving parents and given to the state, for re-indoctrination and medical experimentation. If anyone is still unsure whether the parallels being made between our time and Nazi Germany are appropriate, this prospect should shock you into your senses.

At time of writing, I do not know of any such briefings being submitted to schools in other parts of the UK, but I expect it is or will be commonplace. If you are a parent with a school age child, strongly consider withdrawing your child from their institution. Connect with other homeschoolers in your area, and build up as much connection and support as you can. If for some reason you cannot, strengthen your relationship with your child and supportive family members, and be sure to raise your child so they are resilient against the abuses they will be submitted to within their school – critically-minded, courageous children have a better chance of survival. But it is clear that schools are no longer safe places for children and young people to attend.

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