• Who are Resistance GB?

We are British independent journalists documenting the growing resistance against tyranny and highlighting the principles of freedom that uphold a civilised society. We started in the winter of 2020, and our main focus is on giving coverage to protests and events. Check out our About section for more information on us both.

  • How can I contact you?

The best way is by email: ResistanceGB@protonmail.com

We endeavour to answer as many emails as possible.

  • What are your values?

We believe in liberalism and voluntarily conserving traditional values. People should be free to make their own decisions and be responsible for the consequences of them, good or ill. We refuse to conform to the mainstream narrative where it frequently deviates from the truth.

  • Doesn’t this make you biased?

We tell the truth and don’t try to mislead people. If having a belief based on evidence makes a person biased then everybody is. Mainstream media like to pretend that they don’t have beliefs, when the opposite is the case. We believe it’s better to be open about our general values.

  • What do you mean by ‘independent’ journalism?

We are independent in a variety of ways. Firstly, we’re not controlled by the state or corporate shareholders and have full editorial control. We refuse to fund or participate in the state sponsored media cartel of the ‘UKPCA’ which regularly censors journalists and which utilises police to thuggishly attack those who dissent from the mainstream narrative. We refuse to blindly conform to the establishment narrative, and we put the truth above personal interest. We refuse to censor which questions we ask of politicians. We are funded through donations from our audience and other streams of revenue such as selling merchandise. 

  • I’ve heard RGB is ‘fake news’ / I’ve heard RGB supports the establishment. What’s the truth?

We are in an information war. Smear campaigns are being waged heavily against every journalist and videographer, activist and protester, philosopher and commentator that is trying to get the truth out or fighting for freedom from tyranny, which includes personal attacks and baseless, defamatory accusations. This is a common experience shared amongst people in the freedom movement. Meanwhile, establishment bodies and the mainstream media continually seek to discredit us and our work.

We ask you to be discerning, judge us first and foremost on our content, and carefully consider the legitimacy of any attacks made against us. We reiterate the sensible advice provided by UK Column:

“The question of whether or not to trust a news organisation is a false choice…. view everything published with a critical eye.”


  • What happened to your YouTube catalogue from 2020-2021? Why are your YouTube videos censored?

YouTube is a Big Tech platform that is actively and viciously censoring speech. YouTube censorship does not allow creators to discuss certain topics (such as scientific medical discussion, the Ukraine/Russia conflict, certain governmental elections results and more) unless the content is in agreement with the currently pushed mainstream narrative. We have constantly come under attack by censors on YouTube and cannot keep our full back catalogue on the platform – we now only post a limited range of publications on YouTube, including censored and/or clipped videos.

Find our entire catalogue, full & uncensored, on our Odysee channel.  

The struggle against censorship is incredibly frustrating to us, but we are doing our best to deliver content and gain reach despite the heavy suppression of free speech online. We appreciate your understanding, support and patience – please contact us if you have any issues accessing content.

We encourage you to move to free-speech sites, so that you have access to unfiltered information. The new-tech industry needs your support. Join us on Telegram for updates and links to new content.

  • My comments were deleted! Why was this?

We don’t delete the comments underneath our videos. If you post your comment on YouTube and it’s deleted, this may be due to automatic censors, but we haven’t confirmed this to be the case. Try rewording your comment, and attempting to post again.

Our YouTube/Odysee live chats and Telegram chat channel are moderated by a team of volunteer mods, chosen from active users who we determine to be trustworthy. We leave the managing of the chat up to their discretion. Mods may choose to delete comments or hide users who are spamming or have joined the chat in order to intentionally cause confusion or division (‘raids’). For more information on our mods, navigate to Other.

  • I was watching your livestream on YouTube, when it suddenly cut out and now I can’t watch it. Why is this?

We cover many protests and events and have no control over what people say when we interview them. Meanwhile, YouTube has a de facto policy of censorship on many high-profile topics, meaning we can’t keep our livestreams on YouTube. We now livestream to Odysee, and you can find our livestream 2020-2021 archive on our Rumble channel.

  • I went to watch Resistance GB on Odysee, but the videos didn’t load/buffered too much/have much lower video quality. Why should I bother using Odysee?

Videos on Odysee are supported by seeders, which means brand new videos that have not had the chance to be seeded will buffer – give it some time. Videos are uploaded in 720p HD but transcoded for better playback, so if high video quality is not available it’s either a problem with your internet connection or a temporary problem with the Odysee server.

The servers of a newer platform are not going to match the servers of a super-powerful establishment market leader like YouTube to start with… but in time, new-tech platforms will improve and could seriously compete with, if not dethrone, Big Tech platforms. This is a crucial step against online censorship. But this requires that people actively engage with and support alternative platforms, even if this means loosing some baubles such as 1080p video quality. (If Odysee is not accessible for an extended amount of time, we will also upload videos to BitChute – please let us know if you’re having trouble accessing Odysee.)

We chose Odysee because we believe it is the most functional of the new-tech video hosting sites, which is (currently) the one with most potential to be the people’s choice alternative to YouTube. Remember that social media platforms rise and fall, and even giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will give way to better alternatives. Big Tech’s censorship will inevitably lead to their destruction if enough people actively care about free speech and free access to information. We higly encourage you to become a user of at least one alt-tech platform of your choice. 


  • BitChute is a free-speech platform, but all the videos on there are censored. Why is this?

We do not usually manually upload to BitChute, because we’re limited in our manpower and because of issues with platform’s functionality. However, we have it set it so the site automatically mirrors videos from our YouTube channel. This means that our BitChute hosts (a large part of) our old censored YouTube catalogue, with some manually uploaded uncensored videos. We believe that Odysee will soon overtake BitChute in users due to greater functionality, better decentralisation and even less censorship; join us on Odysee for our full catalogue. We are looking into the possibility of also uploading our entire uncensored catalogue on BitChute.

  • Why aren’t you uploading to [uncensored new-tech platform?]

We anticipate the emergence and rise of many new-tech platforms with decent functionality, and we hope to have presence on more platforms in the future.


  • Why should I join you on Telegram?

We post links on our Telegram channel to all of our content as soon as it’s available, including our uncensored videos, articles and website features. We also use Telegram to post about new projects, addresses to our audience, important updates (f.e: if something happens to us or another journalist/videographer) and more. We also use it to recommend links, videos and other channels’ content.

  • I’ve been banned from your YouTube or Telegram channel! Why?

We can’t moderate our channels by ourselves – instead, we entrust this to our team of volunteer mods. If you feel you’ve been banned by mistake or ill-judgement, contact us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com and we can review the decision.

  • How do you choose your moderators?

Livestream viewers that seem to be active, friendly and trustworthy (either because we’ve noticed them ourselves or they come recommended from other live-streamers) are chosen to help moderate the chat. They may delete spam and ban users who are  participating in raids against the channel or who have clearly joined the chat to cause division without any desire for actual conversation. They also help out by posting relevant information and sharing links to our other platforms.

We leave moderation to our mods’ discretion. If you feel you’ve been banned by mistake or ill-judgement, contact us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com and we can review the decision.

We value our mods for their volunteer work, but mods are also part of the community like everyone else; as individuals, their views and opinions are entirely their own.

  • I want to support you! How can I do this?

We appreciate every donation, large or small – donations allow us to keep doing what we do fulltime. Information about ways you can support us can be found on our support page.

You can donate small amounts to us via BuyMeCoffee, or you can set up a repeat donation on SubscribeStar.

We are banned on PayPal!

We also have a crypto wallet for those who wish to donate in cryptocurrency – you can find our codes on this page.

Otherwise, sharing our content to other people or platforms helps us spread information further. Making an account on Odysee and being an active member on the platform helps support the growth of free-speech new-tech sites, leading to a future where YouTube will no longer be the market leader. We appreciate donations (or ‘tips’) of LRBY credits on Odysee, which will help us boost our reach.

  • Do you make money on YouTube?

As of 11/10/21, we are fully demonetized on YouTube. Prior to this, the nature of the content on our channel meant that very few of our videos were considered monetizable by YouTube. Of these few, we felt it morally inappropriate to run ads on most of them. As we never had any real opportunity to make decent revenue on YouTube, we never censored ourselves for monetization purposes or made content with monetization in mind – we have focused on producing quality publications on important topics that will be appreciated by our audience, and have relied on donations to keep operating.

We have been seeking out alternative ways of funding our work with the hope to expand our team – such as selling  merchandise, putting our catalogue on alternative platforms, and expanding into new forms of media.

  • Do you make money on Odysee?

Not yet, but it’s our hope that Odysee will become a viable way to support ourselves going forward.

Odysee rewards cryptocurrency (LBRY credits) per video viewed by a validated user. You can earn LRBY credits for yourself by watching videos, and use them to boost videos or channels or donate them directly to creators. Sign up with our invite link to instantly earn our channel LBRY credits. 

Odysee also has plans to introduce memberships and advertisements which will help creators earn revenue.


  • I want to be part of the team. Can I join?

We welcome volunteer contributors. If you have filming, interviewing and/or editing skills, and can cover resistance events and protests in your local area, we are happy to look at featuring some content you create. You don’t need any particular equipment except a good quality camera with stabilisation (such as GoPro or a phone with a gimbal). You can submit completed video reports or just raw footage to be produced by us.

Email us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com with a link to some content you’ve created. We must stress this is currently on a volunteer basis; in the future, as we expand, we hope to be able to hire people and compensate them for their work. We will credit any work to you, and list you on our website as a freelance contributor, or you can request that you remain anonymous. We reserve the right to refuse content, and accept any videos as a volunteer donation to the channel.

If you have an existing channel where you publish your work, and want us to cross-post some of your content, let us know. If we reupload your content on our channel, we are happy to add you as a freelance contributor. 


  • I messaged you on social media, but never received a reply. Why is this?

Although we try to establish a presence on as many social media accounts as we can, we have very little time to check our social media inboxes on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. The best way to contact us is through email: ResistanceGB@protonmail. We endeavour to read and reply to as many emails as we can.

  • You interviewed me, but I don’t see the interview uploaded anywhere. Where is it?

Much of our work is livestreamed – find our livestreams on Odysee, and our 2021 livestream archive on Rumble. Some interviews are recorded and then selected, if they are editorially appropriate, for our HQ video reports. Not all interviews make it to our reports, even if they’re good, as news moves fast and coverage needs to given to new events.

If you have been interviewed, and you wish to have a HQ copy of your interview for personal use (if applicable), we’ll try to get you the footage – email us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com

  • I’m a creator. Can I use your content for a project of mine?

We have created an ethical policy which prohibits our content from being used to cause harm, but if you intend to use our footage for a personal project highlighting the truth, we would likely give you permission to use our footage.  We’ve freely allowed use of our footage to independent news outlets and channels and to music video and film making projects. If you need an HD version of our content and/or raw footage, we may be able to provide you with some – email us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com with details of your request.

  • I work for mainstream media. Can we use your content?

No. We have established an ethical policy and will not allow the MSM to use our footage to spin an untruthful narrative, which can do severe damage to principled people’s reputations and further the cause of tyranny within our country. We expressly deny you permission to use our content. If you steal our footage, we will seek compensation and take legal action against you.

If you are interested in buying footage from us which is unlikely to be twisted or used in propaganda pieces (such as wholly positive content) we may discuss a transaction with conditions.

  • I’ve seen your footage on the mainstream media. Did you sell it?

This footage has most likely been stolen. Please let us know, so we can take action.  We have decided that any monetary gain is not worth risking our content being misused to worsen the state of our country. Whilst we’re not opposed to selling footage that we believe can’t be used deceitfully, most MSM buyers aren’t interested at all in that footage. Otherwise, the footage may not be ours, and may have been sourced from a different journalist or videographer nearby.

  • I want to get in contact with someone I’ve seen in your videos. Can you help?

Possibly. Sometimes we have the contact details of people we interview and can pass on messages. However, many of our on-the-ground interviews are spontaneous (for example, when interviewing attendants at a protest), so it may be that we do not know who that person is. Make sure to check the description to see if there are any links to organisations that person is affiliated to beforehand. Email us at ResistanceGB@protonmail.com

  • Where can I find out more about the events or protests you cover?

For the sake of context, we list a large number of the groups we cover in the Information section of our website, many of which have links to their websites. You should be able to find most of the info you’re looking for over there.

Magna Carta

  • What’s this Magna Carta which you keep mentioning?

The UK constitution is a direct descendent of the English constitution, which in turn is a direct descendent of the Common Law of the Anglo Saxon kingdoms. Common Law is based on the premise of Natural Law, that a crime only exists when a person causes injury, harm or loss to another person. Other than this, people have a a fundamental right to live their lives without state interferences, enjoying their fundamental and inalienable freedoms (such as freedom of speech and freedom to work). Individuals also (by Natural and Common Law) have a fundamental right to justice, such as the right to face their accuser, trial by jury, access to courts.

The Magna Carta, The English Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Rights and a number of oaths, including the coronation oath, are all fundamental and explicitly irrevocable recognitions of this individual sovereignty, the Magna Carta being first notable written recognition.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Windsor and a series of increasingly corrupt governments have repeatedly and more glaringly ignored the Law for over half a century, although that is not to say there were not smaller violations previously.

  • I thought we didn’t have a constitution? If we do, isn’t it unwritten, which makes it worthless?

It has been a fashion for around a hundred years (a blip in historical standards) in establishment circles to perpetuate the lie that there are no limits on the Monarch, Government or Parliament. This is clearly debunked by the writings of Henry De Bracton, Sir William Blackstone, Sir Robert Howard, Sir Edward Coke and Sir Winston Churchill, among other eminent legal scholars and historians.

Indeed, it is the overwhelming historical and legal consensus (and even establishment extremists recognise) that the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy and uses the system of Common Law. Clearly, this cannot be squared with the concept that there is no constitution and that the Common Law is subordinate to statute. Therefore any arguments which are based upon the ahistorical and unlawful premise of ‘might makes right’ or a ‘divine right’ of kings or parliaments are done out of convenience and not out of respect for the Law.

Further, whilst not all of our Constitution is written, much of it is and its principles are very simple to comprehend. The idea that the Law is or can be something which is beyond the conception of the common man is farcical, not only because it contradicts historical and legal fact, but also because the logical implication is that the common man cannot be expected to abide by it if he supposedly can’t understand it.

  • If what the government is doing is illegal, why are they able to do it? Didn’t we vote for them to make decisions?

Because all that it takes for evil to reign is for good men to stand aside. Unfortunately, the degeneration of British society driven by the increasing dependence on the corrupt state (such as through state ‘schooling’, paramilitary ‘policing’ and state propaganda like the BBC) has reached a climax, where amorality, criminality and corruption has become the norm.

Establishment power and establishment consensus do not make their actions right or lawful. Fundamentally, there are absolute limits on what any monarch, government or parliament are able to do. This is not even to begin to mention the undemocratic nature of the defunct electoral system. Voting is not the same thing as democracy (from ‘demos‘ & ‘kratos‘ meaning ‘people-power’). No vote can legitimise the abolition of inalienable rights and the concept that this could only leads to tyranny such as genocide.

At Resistance GB we make the right and truthful choice to refuse to report lockdowns, medical coercion or state censorship as being lawful, constitutional or democratic, unlike the mainstream media.


Updated: 27/03/22