Jam For Freedom

The musical group Jam For Freedom tour the UK and play live music, in aid of mental health and to spread the message that we need to restore our freedoms. Founded by Cambel, the established group members invite other musicians and even audience members to join in with the performance, to pick up an instrument or microphone and jam along. During the 2021 lockdown they were the only touring band in the UK, and carried on playing despite multiple arrests and shutdowns of their gigs.  

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, legendary musicians who have released their own anti-lockdown songs, have come out in support of Jam For Freedom’s mission.

At Resistance GB, we’ve been documenting Jam For Freedom’s journey since February 2021 – find the playlist of our videos here

We have also livestreamed many of their performances in London, which you can find in our livestream archive, here.