The Resistance Podcast #4

Chris Carrion and WhyBeeKay discuss what part cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin will play in the future, and how it may be utilised by the people or used against us. Presenters: Willsy.

Chris Carrion:

Podcast: Dirtcoin Diaries

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The Resistance Podcast #3

Gothic model, author, poet, hypnotherapist and YouTube creator Greta Aurora joins singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, actress, dancer and mother Jahna Sebastian to discuss feminism, femininity, masculinity, power, the music industry, and more – with presenters Sean Finch & Willsy.

The Resistance Podcast #2

The second episode, featuring Piers Corbyn & Amy Stewart. Presenters: Willsy & Sean Finch.

The Resistance Podcast #1

The first episode of The Resistance Podcast, featuring guests Jahna Sebastien (singer and producer) & Jill (Free Julian Assange protestor). Presenters: Willsy & Sean Finch.