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MSM Deception: A Failure to Conduct Proper Journalism | Events Surrounding Michael Gove MSM Deception: A Failure to Conduct Proper Journalism Events Surrounding Michael Gove MP 25th October 2021 ✦ Willsy & Laura (RGB) Uncensored versions: 🔸Odysee 🔹BitChute Transcript:  At the Official Voice protest on the 19th of October, many people spoke out regarding their concerns with coercion of children and the growing apartheid in society. “This


It’s Time To Start Prepping

19th October 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB) The food supply chain worldwide is reportedly being systematically dismantled in order to orchestrate food shortages and famine. It may be that the UK will shortly be in another lockdown, with more lockdowns to follow. People are generally dependent on supermarkets, and the public’s reaction to the first lockdown


10 Ways to Help Protect Your Freedoms

20th September 2021 ✦ Olivia Turner (voluntary contributor) 10 Ways to Help Protect Your Freedoms: 1. GET CREATIVE. Celebrate artistic endeavors, turn everything on its head and see challenges as opportunities. For most people, something that captures the imagination is more powerful than something that captures reason. Don’t try to be liked. Find out how

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Behavioural Insights: Government Manipulating Teenagers Into Getting Injected.

23rd July 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB)   “Encouraging vaccine take-up among younger people”- links: HERE (live) & HERE (archive). These are the methods which the government are admitting to using to “[encourage] vaccine take-up among younger people”: “Highlight the pro-social benefits of vaccination”- this is an attempt to “[elicit] empathy towards others” and use this to guilt or

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Teachers As Terrorists: Scottish Schools Are Being Briefed To Consider Non-Compliants As Extremists

19th May 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB) A document has surfaced from Education Scotland and the Scottish Government, briefing school staff and further education providers to consider anyone who does not agree with the COVID narrative to be a dangerous extremist conspiracy theorist. They claim that “disinformation, misinformation and conspiracy theories” are being spread by people