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Behavioural Insights: Government Manipulating Teenagers Into Getting Injected.

23rd July 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB)   “Encouraging vaccine take-up among younger people”- links: HERE (live) & HERE (archive). These are the methods which the government are admitting to using to “[encourage] vaccine take-up among younger people”: “Highlight the pro-social benefits of vaccination”- this is an attempt to “[elicit] empathy towards others” and use this to guilt or

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Teachers As Terrorists: Scottish Schools Are Being Briefed To Consider Non-Compliants As Extremists

19th May 2021 ✦ Laura (RGB) A document has surfaced from Education Scotland and the Scottish Government, briefing school staff and further education providers to consider anyone who does not agree with the COVID narrative to be a dangerous extremist conspiracy theorist. They claim that “disinformation, misinformation and conspiracy theories” are being spread by people