Standards Code

Resistance GB – Standards Code

1. Truth

  • We will endeavour to present the truth of all occurrences we choose to cover.

2. Independence

  • We will endeavour to remain independent of control by the state or other bodies.
  • We will refuse to purchase state permits from ‘gatekeepers’ or carry any such permits for which censorship is a prerequisite.

3. Privacy

  • We will not collect footage, where practicable and where requested prior to or immediately upon filming, where that footage focuses on a private individual who has not to our knowledge engaged in coercive conduct.
  • We consider all state officials, employees or contractors (direct or indirect), whilst in those roles, to be subject to scrutiny in the public interest and will not request their consent to publish any footage of them.

4. Complaints

  • We will make our email (and when applicable P.O. box) publicly available for communication of complaints.

5. Responsibility

  • We will not sell footage which we believe to be of overall detriment to individuals we consider to be principled.

6. Unity

  • We will provide our footage, where practicable, for free to other news organisations which we consider to be principled.
  • We will, where practicable, provide witness testimony in court cases of principled individuals, where such testimony is deemed ethical by us, given the circumstances.

7. Safety

  • We will endeavour to protect each other from external coercive force, such as by the state.