Indian Farmers’ Warning: If Our Resistance Fails, They Will Starve The World To Death

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An interview with a man who explains the situation with the Indian Farmers. He believes that permanent lockdowns are a political ideology being used as a tool for an ongoing fascist takeover, by people who are trying to take control of the food supply, causing break down of the food supply chain and mass famine. “There is the same attempt being made in Britain to take over the food supply… in Europe, the UK, Asia and the world” ; and food shortages will impact the world harder than coronavirus or the injections will.

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One thought on “Indian Farmers’ Warning: If Our Resistance Fails, They Will Starve The World To Death

  1. Spot on this man; look at Billy Gates buying up all the land in the US and elsewhere – now of course the West of the US has a timely drought; some farmers not even planting this year … – oh after all the forest fires over the last few years !!. (trees attract rain !). The meat company supplying 20-30% of US meat hacked … so timely.

    Then Ukraine –

    As stated above – Europe, the UK, Asia and the world are next … as well.

    Anyone would think it had something to do with this – !!

    Great site by the way, thanks.

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